I’ve got a knife here in my pocketbook and i’m gonna cut you up after class…


Today was exhausting for absolutely no reason. It took all of my time and energy to figure out google “plus” They hound you to put up a profile picture but you get this incentive. You get to edit the picture going on your profile. There’s like little thought bubbles and places to put text and all these options where you can manipulate your photo. Unfortunately, every time I’d make it to the end the picture A. wouldn’t save or B. my computer would go to into a forced restart mode. I have never worked so long in my life trying to put up a profile picture. Anyway, I guess it was worth it. I am still wondering that now that my neck is stiff and my hands feel arthritic. One thing about me though is that I can be extremely persistent. This is whether I am failing at the task at hand or not. I just wish I hadn’t wasted so much of my effort into something that is probably going to prove somewhat useless. I will post the picture anyway because I am willing to embarrass myself.  Now, keep in mind it was “supposed” to be ironic. Unforutantely, my computer overheated several times during this ironic process. Yeah sara, that’s really sticking it to the man.  I am sorry, I have noything insightful to say. You know how it goes when you are really really tired. Soon enough I will have more gripes than you could shake a stick at, new music choices for your listening enjoyment, and me just being an ass, per usual.



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