I am becoming extremely worried.

I have been diagnosed everything under the sun and more. I have an emotional attachment personality disorder? What the fuck does that even mean? I have done so much independent research on the brain  that I cannot correctly diagnose myself. And I know these dumbass cognitive behavioral therapists will believe anything I tell them.  Manipulation. Didn’t the Gods use that too?  All history repeats itself.  I read an article that the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Due to all these diagnoses.  I actually believed what that person had to say. Because apparently from being in therapy since I was a little kid I have had always had “problems” And that was back in 1986. So do you think if I was raised by the “right family” I’d be a happy well adjusted person or is this just some cheap cheaper knock off of the “butterfly effect”.  I swear I was born with sweetness and good intentions.  But, my anger started to take control of me. Why couldn’t they see me for what I was? I have always harbored this anger inside of me that eventually turned to “dull affect”. No response. No reason. No anything. I feel DEAD inside. I had so much hope in my heart I never hated anyone I complimented older people when I was a toddler. I still think I am pretty sure I wound up with the wrong family.  When I abused animals out of anger? When I set fire to things? They blamed it on my brother. He’s schizophrenic by the way. Paranoid delusional schizophrenic. I think I am just damned down right schizophrenic. I know that people don’t know much about Eugenics. Google it if you’re brave. It sure threw me for a loop. But it was America’s away of creating less mentally ill people. They simply wanted them sterilized. Then Hitler got ahold of the idea and took it from an entirely different perspective. He wanted every RACE every “different species” of “human”  a product of genocide. Do we really think Margaret Sanger was doing “good” by putting Planned Parenthood in every impoverished neighborhood?  Think about it. I took a capstone class on Darwinism  and she was a FULL believer in eugenics. Come to this conclusion will you? America started the Holocaust.


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