Open the vents let in some air.

I don’t know sometimes I get so angry thinking about how my parents could do this to me? They taught me NOTHING. They didn’t pay attention to shit.  Oh, unless what was I doing wasn’t done “the right way” and i’d get screamed at constantly, it never ended. Oh and  they especially didn’t pay attention when a lot of the abuse was occurring. Oh, he’s just pestering you sweetheart. As I would cry and scream and beg for him to leave me alone. That’s NOT what big brother’s do to their little sister. I mean when he punched me in the head and lacerated my scalp. I was stunned at first. Then, I felt the back of my head and it was full of blood. At that moment I cried harder than I think I ever had in my life. Because it’s wasn’t a just a physical injury, a human fucking  being caused it for no reason. I begged my mom to call the police. I needed stitches. She never did and never said a word of it to my dad. Okay okay okay. No more. I don’t want to remain angry. I mean this could go on for days. I am going to take a break now.


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