High Blood Pressure.

So today I just had a routine doctor’s visit. My blood pressure was 138/95. It’s never been that high in my life. And being a constant worrier I constantly check my blood pressure. So, I go to the pharmacy to get my medications filled and that particular pharmacy was out of one I really needed so I had to find a different pharmacy. By the time I got to that pharmacy and was waiting to get my medications filled I decided to check my blood pressure again. It had risen. This time it was 150/101 with a pulse rate of 138. I mean you’d think I had just been in some horrible car accident or something when it was just a routine fucking doctor’s visit. I am so sick of constantly living in fear.  I mean what causes such high blood pressure in the first place? Worry? Fear? Stress? Anxiety? Adrenaline? I always get myself all worked up over nothing. I mean it’s a nice fucking day out beautiful actually perfect weather. Any normal person would be enjoying their day. Not me though. It’s just so much different for me. I just wish it would stop. I will be addressing this in therapy soon enough. 


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