Light at the end of the??

Okay, today was my first step. Through numerous phone calls I was led to this place called Access. They take my insurance. I was so afraid driving there I was unintentionally digging my nails into my flesh, tightly balled fists leaving marks. When I found the place it was stuck in some obscure plaza, complete with a bar, a curves, and other random nonsense. I felt a sense of relief when I read what was in white italic words underneath the access sign. It said, Hope for a brighter future. They treat everything from add to low self esteem issues to PTSD. The intake form asked me if I preferred a particular therapist, one who was Christian or had other religious views. Male or female. I just wrote down I prefer a female. When I was done filling out all the paperwork. I just couldn’t believe how nice reception was to me. The last place I was being treated treated their patients like dogs. Mostly because it was crawling with drug addicts, and pardon my cliche phrase, but they were chomping at the bit for their Suboxone. Ex junkies who just traded one addiction for another. I didn’t belong there. My therapist used to be a prison therapist. She couldn’t reach me. I told the lady at Access that it took every ounce of my energy to make myself drive up there. I was even half falling asleep seeing double on the interstate. She said, we’ll call you tomorrow to set things up. I said please hurry. She said with your insurance we can get you in as soon as a few days. I was shocked because most people wait weeks or months to get treatment. She told me to hang in there. I had never been greeted with such compassion before. So, maybe there really is hope for a brighter future?  


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