this is research I SWEAR.

Okay, I will be honest. I learned how to “freebase” a substance. This is what happens when you live in the ghetto. But, I will tell you what it’s much better than living at my house where I found out my brother got his FIFTH DUI. Prison is in his future. My research goes way deeper, learning how the impoverished, deprived, mentally ill, forgotten, addicts, live. They love that I am back here. I made friends with this dude whose ex wife got beat so badly that she has brain damage. He has a kid. He’s going to introduce me to them both. I just, I mean, if you want to understand the plight of the world, you have live it, or else it’s just some other speculative bullshit story. Like the welfare queen?? Total myth. Drug addicts feeding off the system, very true. This will come in handy in my memoir. It’s funny I talk out loud when I type. But, yeah earlier the intrusion in my apartment really frightened me. I am better now. It’s all for research, just research. 


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