If I thought my life wasn’t a fucking movie before. That just became true today. So, I will say in detail but without detail the affairs of my family. Okay, so apparently, I was sent to child services when I was 3 or 4 or some shit.  Apparently claiming my dad molested me. He said he was taken aback by this and was shamed and guilted and even took a lie detector test and was HYPNOTIZED to say that this didn’t really happen. Apparently, it did not. So, he was gone for several months in my life. Months I do not recall. Now, the reason being is that my grandpa apparently molested my mother so she was sure my dad did it to me. SO, he corners me in the car today, it was like war of the fucking roses. He says he tapped her phone calls and found out she was having an affair with a prominent local grocery owner whose name I will not mention. Now, he after 7 months of lawyers and psychologists and etc… my dad was able to return home. BUT, that’s after the fact that my mom was having an affair. After he tapped the phones he found out what was going on. HE approached said prominent local grocery owner and said “if you don’t stay away from my wife I will tell yours and ruin your life”. Him, thinking this owner might be tied to the mafia made a tape to give to his mother in case anything happened to him.  TO give to the police. WOW. But, when my dad said to me “she was fucking another man” that’s when I about lost my shit. If my life hasn’t been a movie already, I am sure it will be.  


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