Hello, Around the world onlookers. I look at my stats. I see that a lot of my posts are viewed from Europe. That’s awesome! I never felt like I belonged in America anyway. I think I want to live in Australia, or hell, anywhere that’s not here. Where would someone who does not fit the typical American stereotype thrive well? I would love input on the subject. I am ready for big change. I can’t withstand another day in this filthy country of barbaric selfish assholes.  I am not materialistic, I am curious, and adventurous, and maybe too trusting? Even though I don’t trust anyone? Yeah, thanks psychotherapy! But, I just know I don’t belong here. I need a world of knowledge and art and culture and advancement and compassion. I can’t find that here. I think I have been looking in all the wrong places. I am not saying that if I move I will be happy; that’s up to me. But, I will find happiness somewhere other than this midwest hole in the universe that thrives on negativity and gossip. I just need a new beginning, a fresh start. A new life.

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